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Meet Plan Monster

Drills and lesson plans made simple.

  • 100s of quality drills
  • Quickly build lesson plans
  • All your stuff in one place
  • Designed for smartphones, iPads etc

Plan Monster Tennis

Designed for busy coaches

Loads of drills, kids games and more
Quick and easy tennis lesson plans
Simple to use
No fluff, just the good stuff.

Lots of drills to choose from

We don't just talk about tennis - we deliver tennis coaching every day.
Our drills work in the real world and there are 100s to choose from. AND you can design your own.

Let us do the work for you

In a hurry? Don't sweat, simply give us the age and level you're coaching and we'll generate a plan for you. BOOM! It's that easy.

Want to change it? No sweat. Add it to your plans and get to work on it straight away.

Like what you've done? Then share it!

Want to share a plan with another coach? Maybe you're running a team? In a couple of clicks you can email the plan to someone else. They don't even have to be a member to see it. Or you can post your stuff on Facebook or Twitter, to swap ideas with other people. Sharing on Plan Monster is easy-peasy.


We've made Plan Monster even cheaper - now just £4.99 a month* when you use discount code flashsale at sign up.

*Regular price £8 per month


  • Try before you buy
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  • Unlimited access
  • Low monthly fee
  • Cheap as chips

any time

  • No strings
  • No hassle
  • No need to be sad


Here are a few of the nice things that people have said about Plan Monster

John D

Junior Coach

I've tried quite a few planning apps and websites and most of them are way too complicated. Plan Monster is very quick and I can build up all my lesson plans very easily. Love it!

Steve S

LTA Level 2 Coach

I can't believe all my tennis lessons are on my iPhone! Thanks, guys!

James P

LTA Level 1 Coach

Plan Monster is so clear. The interface is really clean and uncluttered. It's great to use.

Suzanne C

LTA Level 2 Coach

I love the sharing feature, so I can send my plans to other coaches and we're all on the same page.